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Exposure Assessment

The MSU-Hurley Children's Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative's Exposure Assessment team works with partners to further scientifically assess the exposure impact of the Flint Water Crisis.
Pediatric studies:
  • Analysis of lead levels in cord blood (Flint vs outside Flint)
  • Analysis of lead and epigenetic assessment in heel spot blood
  • Comparison of elevated blood pressure in children based on presumed lead exposure
  • Relationship between infant feeding type and level of exposure
  • Survey of parental attitudes
  • Follow up assessment of changes in blood lead levels one year after water change
Obstetrics/Gynecology studies:
  • Assessment of maternal fetal outcomes
  • Evaluation of fetal anomalies
  • Analysis of spermatogenesis changes
  • Environmental Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) maternal cohort study
Adult studies:
  • Change in osteoporosis/osteopenia in geriatric patients
  • Change in bone healing in patients with fractures 
  • Community attitudes assessment
Other studies:
  • Impact of water age and other geospatial factors
  • Real time GIS identification of hotspots for remediation
  • Resident/Faculty knowledge and experience
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