College of

Records and Enrollment Services

The Office of Student Affairs manages all records and enrollment services for the College of Human Medicine. This includes:

  • Official student records for all enrolled College of Human Medicine students
  • Enrollment of Block III students
  • Coordination of student enrollment for Block I & II, drop/adds, administrative grade changes for HM courses
  • Coordination of grade submission and administrative changes for departmental courses
  • Oversees annual student record archiving project
  • Certification of graduation requirements for seniors
  • National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) USMLE score reporting and dissemination
  • Processes requests for licensure application and hospital board certification for all College of Human Medicine alumni
  • Provides requested historical student records data
  • Manages college electives for preclinical students
  • Coordinates the MSU Advanced Degree Ceremony for graduate programs