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Culture of Safety

A Message from Dean Beauchamp, Jan. 24, 2019

Dear College of Human Medicine Community,

Following last evening’s resignation of John Engler as interim president of Michigan State University, this morning the MSU Board of Trustees appointed Satish Udpa as acting president. Dr. Udpa is the MSU executive vice president for administrative services, a post he's held since 2013. Before that, he was the dean of the College of Engineering for seven years.

I am pleased with this appointment and believe Dr. Udpa has the right balance of compassion and leadership that our university greatly needs in these difficult times.

As a college, we exist to serve others and protect those who are vulnerable. Our actions and words must be consistent with our mission. We have a responsibility to hold each other accountable to the values that define us – especially if we are to continue to be the place people turn to in times of need, as well the community that those seeking to serve are inspired to call their own.  

I have unwavering faith in our community, our college and our university.

Moving ahead, I have every confidence that the presidential search committee – including the College of Human Medicine’s Dr. Wanda Lipscomb – will select a leader who embodies the principles and values we collectively share as the Michigan State University community.


Dean Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MD, MHS


A message from Dean Beauchamp - January 2018

Dear College of Human Medicine Community,

It is difficult to find words adequate to capture how saddened I am by the tragic events that occurred at our university. The survivor impact stories, so courageously shared, are beyond devastating. Horrific acts occurred to individuals who came to Michigan State University. They were vulnerable and in search of healing. We failed them.

We are disheartened. Ours is a profession defined by accountability and responsibility. Our core value is caring. Our students come to us knowing that they will graduate as physicians uniquely prepared to protect the dignity of those they serve and to heal those in greatest need. As individuals, we begin and end each day inspired to lessen the struggles of those in need.

These tragic events do not and cannot define us. As a community, we stand united in support of those who spoke out and for those whose stories remain untold. We have a responsibility to the victims to be propelled by their courage, strength and resolve. As caregivers, students, staff and faculty, we will hold each other accountable to a culture of responsibility.

We will be tireless in our commitment to safety for our patients, students, staff, faculty and our community partners. We will be resolute in guarding against future abuse. We will be vigilant in hearing the concerns of all those we serve. We will ensure a more just and responsive community. 

I want to assure all of you, that together, we will emerge stronger and more determined in our mission to heal and serve. We will be defined by continuing to graduate world class physicians, making discoveries that transform health care and improving lives in our communities and beyond. Our important work must continue…now more than ever.

Norman J. Beauchamp Jr.
Dean, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine